High-performance Doctor blade seals from our production

The Top4flexo end seal is made of a special synthetic with extremely high restoring strength and excellent chemical stability. The Top4flexo end seal is primarily recommended to use with solvent-based ink formulations but also works well in combination with water-based inks.

The basic simple seal is suitable for short print jobs. The seal is suitable for both solvent and water-based inks. Thanks to precise cutting and optimal Shore it does not occur

spontaneously color leakage.

We produce this kimd of end seal for all flexographic printing machines.

Special felt seal impregnated with extra friction-resistant grease. Suitable for both alcohol inks and water-based inks. Thanks to these properties, the seal has a long pot life and does not dry out quickly. The seal is packed in an impermeable package in which it still remains in.

100% condition even for a long time.

Original seals from our production. Which thanks to low price and long working life, quickly became popular all over the world. Thanks to the clever foam with optimal Shore and an integrated core with a thickness of 2 mm which ensures optimal support against the anilox roller. And that's why this seal is the best.

The seals with 5mm core.

Hard press seal is a very hard seal suitable for demanding bouncing jobs. This sealing type is composed of our 45 shore hard material

and an integrated 5mm core.

Special seal with highly resistant glider. This kind of end seals is specially developed for F&K machines. The seal is composed of our original foam with years of proven development. Thanks to this, we found the optimal density and hardness of the material. Our glider is not a standard molding. Our gliders are printed on 3D printers so there are no internal bubbles or cracks as it builds in injection molds.

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Special end seals with a highly resistant glider which also serves as a support and extends the pot life of the seal. The glider is not molded using injection molds. The glider is printed with the help of special 3D technology. Used is a special patented material which has extremely strong but aligned sliding and flexible properties. As a result, it adapts perfectly to the mold roll and there is no unwanted ink leakage.

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