Printing sleeves

Flexography printing is constantly growing in popularity within the market by providing ever increasing print quality, operability and lower costs as compared to gravure printing. The sleeves technology has brought acceleration in speed, simplification and lower costs when replacing a printing form and within printing itself. Using the sleeves technology, the fibreglass sleeves are covered with elastomer or polymer and then the sleeves are direct engraved by using of CO2 or YAG lasers. The finished sleeves are then slid onto the air mandrels of the flexography printing machine.The Flexomarket Company offers elastomer sleeves for direct laser engraving, solid printing and under photopolymer. In the field of flexographic printing forms, we offer materials optimised for laser engraving and comprehensive consultancy services.Based on many years of experience and continuous development of materials including many laboratory and practical tests, we are able to choose or adjust an optimal material according to the requirements and needs of each customer.

Roller types:

  • printing
  • applying
  • varnishing


  • conical
  • cylindrical
  • varnishing

Sleeves types:

  • flexography printing
    • direct laser engraving
    • solid printing
  • rotogravure
  • laminating
  • varnishing

Polymer types:

  • EPDM
  • NR
  • SBR
  • NBR
  • Sillicone
  • Copolymers


40 - 80°Sh A

Polymer types:

  • excellent transfer of all printing inks
  • possibility of printing seamless motives
  • optimal register
  • high resistance to solvents (ethyl acetate, ethanol, MEK)
  • high durability of printing form
  • possibility of combining several materials and of setting the compressibility rate
  • possibility of setting mechanical properties

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